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Redback Grinders have been servicing the Australian market for 30 years leading to more than 80 machines in service. Owning a Redback Grinder means you are supporting an Australian built and owned product and we thank you for supporting us. Originally founded by Mr David Stubbs in 1991, the Redback Grinders have under gone significant innovative changes over the last 30 years such as our high-efficiency rotor and many other improvements that brings this iconic Australian company into the new century.


David is still actively involved with the new owners and is as passionate now as he ever was. The company’s specialised knowledge of grinders and size-reduction equipment was gained after David Stubbs acquired Van Gelder in 1987.

Van Gelder has designed and manufactured innovative size-reduction equipment for over 100 years, across a range of different industries. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing our very successful range of horizontal grinders for 30 years with sales throughout Australia, New Zealand and Japan."

The Redback Grinder Company is 100-percent Australian owned, and all its machines are manufactured in Australia and designed to comply with local transport regulations.

The main thing that sets Redback Grinder Organisation apart from other suppliers is the fact that it can provide after sales support to its Australian customers and can be called on at any time and provide spare parts, service and support quickly if and when they are needed.


We are all very excited about the future of our new range of Redback grinders and we are looking forward to welcoming you to the Redback family.

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