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The Colouriser CP3000 is a self-contained portable colouring system is ideal for those operators seeking a reliable and consistent colouring solution. Specifically developed in Australia to colour all types of mulch products for the landscaping industry. Redback have been servicing the Australian market for more than 30 years developing and manufacturing environmental equipment.


Owning a Redback Colouriser means you are supporting an Australian built and owned product. This means the availability of service, support, parts and any technical information is local to Australia.

The most effective equipment to produce the long-lasting, vibrant color you expect from Redback.

- Capacity of 3 m³ complete with a powerful feed conveyor, variable speed feeder and drum rotation allows for differing workloads.


- Capacity of 400L of water in the upper tank, maintains the water level without stopping the operation, avoiding downtime and increasing productivity.


- Water is regulated to give optimal coverage over material.


- Equipped with a robust 17 KVA Diesel Generator GEN17FT which is an economical and efficient unit that will supply power for your operation. The Redback Colouriser CP3000, in addition to being energy self-sufficient, will also be able to offer the added benefit of presenting other single and three-phase outputs for a multitude of appliances.


- Fully enclosed genset with a very compact design, water cooled to work in hot conditions, super silent, fully enclosed soundproof canopy, and an automatic transfer switch plug.


- CP3000 generator provides primary power, standby or backup power sources with an estimated runtime of 27 hours at 100% load. With a throughput capacity of up to 30 m³ per hour and ease of transport.


The Redback Colouriser  CP3000  is  used  to  colour  landscaping materials  entering  the  hopper  and  leaving  the  discharge conveyor.  The  colour   process  takes  place  inside  the specially designed Colouring chamber.  This  machine  is  well equipped  to  process  a variety of different materials including Mulches, Barks, Wood chips and other materials used for decorative purposes.

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