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The Redback DS700T is the allrounder. It is more than capable of handling large land clearing projects down to those small re-grinding projects. Specifically developed in Australia to grind all types of timber including the Australian hardwoods. Redback Grinders have been servicing the Australian market for more than 30 years, leading to more than 80 machines in service.


​​Owning a Redback Grinder means you are supporting an Australian built and owned product. This means the availability of service, support, parts and any technical information is local in Australia.


1. Self Cleaning heavy duty RHS Slat infeed conveyor for a maintenance free long Life;

2. Fitted with a proportional feed control system that automatically adjusts the infeed rate to maximise throughput;

3. The infeed conveyor and the feed wheel are driven directly by single hi-torque motors (not chain drive). Low Maintenance costs. The Feed wheel has a multi-teeth design with a large lift height, giving a infeed opening of 1000mm. The infeed wheel has a manual crush down feature;

4. The screen has been designed to be easily removed when a screen change is required. The screen is of a heavy duty construction to allow for a long service life;

5. Heavy Duty Rotor and anvil built to handle the Australian Hardwoods, Highly resistant to damage by contaminants, fully lined grinding chamber, has heavy duty key locked hammer tips which overlap the rotor discs to give a full width grinding coverage;

6. The Redback DS700T is fitted with a CAT C18 engine matched to a Twin Disc wet clutch allowing for seamless control Redback.



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