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Redback Grinders has been around for more than 30 years and has 80 models available throughout Australia. For the past three years the manufacturer has remained inactive, but JDM Aust is aiming to change that, acquiring the full rights to the Redback Grinders brand.

Jim Kenny, Director of Redback Grinders, says the acquisition will further enhance JDM Aust’s portfolio of high-quality equipment offered to its customers. “We have always heard great feedback on the robustness and reliability of Redback Grinders’ machines,” he says. “The Redback Grinders brand has been held in high regard by a large number of customers for decades.”

Now based in Brisbane, Redback Grinders comprises two marquee products – the DS700T tracked grinder and DS700W wheel grinder with further developments of smaller and larger models already underway.

Jim describes both machines as “all- rounders”, capable of handling large- scale projects across many different sectors of the industry such as waste timber to mulch products, green waste to composting, land clearing and so on. He says that Redback Grinders has appointed JDM Aust as the Australian dealer and they will embrace the existing product range and use an existing commercial network to distribute goods and services Australia- wide, as well as in New Zealand.

“The existing Redback Grinders range will be updated to provide modernised machinery for our customers,” Jim says. “We’re making improvements on the electrical system of the machines and the hydraulic systems. We have taken the renowned base design of the Redback Grinders products and will constantly improve them with updates.”

PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN MADE Jim says that he and Co-Director Jeff Steine were impressed by Redback Grinders’ commitment to supporting local manufacturing and employment. Both aspects which Jim says he is personally passionate about. “One of the key factors for the future success of the Redback Grinders brand is the fact that our products are 100 per cent Australian made,” he says. “On top of that, we are the only manufacturer of horizontal grinders in Australia.

“By picking up the Redback Grinders brand, we see a great opportunity to support local suppliers, jobs and industries. “We have our own fabrication shops located on the Gold Coast and Bethania near our main office. That’s what we’re proud of, that we are a genuine Australian-made manufacturer.” Redback Grinders is already reaping the benefits of manufacturing locally, with reduced costs and delivery times for important machinery parts. Jim says the effects on the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt across the industry.

“I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for Australian-made products. Prices for important machinery materials such as steel have risen worldwide, as well as shipping costs,” he says. “Importing overseas machinery, in some cases, is proving to be more expensive, so Australian-made manufacturers such as Redback Grinders are reducing costs by sourcing local parts.

“In many ways, supporting Australia made has given us a competitive edge in the market.” He adds that customers are benefitting from supporting Australian made products and services with the timely delivery of products, rather than having to wait for their purchases to be imported from overseas. Local manufacturing has also opened the door for quicker deliveries when it comes to essential parts for the maintenance of machinery.

“We use well-known, easily accessible components that are normally readily available in Australia,” Jim says. “We make the rotors, we make the hammers infeed conveyor slats and everything else that is fabricated for the machine. Everything is made by us. These parts are available locally, so if customers require maintenance, they can quickly order what they need from our in-house supply of spare parts.”

Redback Grinders will expand its product range, with two new models expected to be released in early 2023. Jim says he sees a “huge future” for the brand and Australian manufacturing. “What I’d say to customers is why not support Australian made? Why not support our local businesses?” We are ready to give it a real go and support our customers as they should be. “There is a huge opportunity for Australian-made products within the machinery space, particularly in this day and age.”

by Waste Management Review

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